5 Common Home Renovation Mistakes in Apopka Florida

You may be in the process of planning major home renovations as a result of damage from Hurricane Irma. To make the most of your investment dollars and to maximize the value of your home, avoid these 5 common home renovation mistakes in Apopka Florida.

1. Poor Planning

Like most folks faced with flood damage, you probably just want to get things done so life can finally return to normal. However, it is important not to rush things, especially when it comes to major renovation projects! Give yourself sufficient time to review all relevant information and to make the right decisions. Avoid skipping steps,.... take the time to get things done right.

2. Selecting Cheap Materials

As you select materials for your renovation project, avoid going cheap on your selections. Cheap materials will degrade or break sooner than others. In that case, you may need to renovate again in just a few years. Additionally, a cheap renovation will do little to maximize your home's value. You do not need to select the priciest options, either. Look for good quality materials that won't break the bank.

3. Selecting the Wrong Contractor

Another thing not to go cheap on is your contractor. In an effort to save money, you may lean towards selecting the contractor that comes in with the lowest bid. This is a very common home renovation mistake. The reality is that the lowest bidder may not do the best job. Given that your home is one of the biggest investments that you make in your lifetime, your goal should be to protect and preserve it's value. So, don't select contractors based solely on price. 

Take a look at the quality of the contractor. How much experience do they have? What is the quality of their previous work? What types of reviews have they received? What quality of materials do they use? These are all important questions that you should ask. 

4. Being Too Trendy

There are so many designs to choose from nowadays, it's easy to commit common home renovation mistakes like being too trendy. As you review options for flooring, cabinetry, fixtures, wall colors, and more, try not to be too trendy or bold. Selecting designs that appeal to the most buyers will help with the resale value on your home. You don't have to be "boring",... just be conscious of whether your selections may go out of style or require a very specific taste. Choosing classic styles with mass appeal will get you the most value in a future home sale.

5. Not Budgeting Sufficiently

Budgets are one of the most difficult aspects of a home renovation. One of the biggest home renovation mistakes is not budgeting enough for a renovation project. In addition to tallying known expenses for labor and materials, you should also include a buffer for the unexpected. There's no telling what your contractor may encounter as they start to open up walls and access other hidden areas of your home. Put aside some money for the unknown so that any issues can be properly dealt with.

Summary of Common Home Renovation Mistakes in Apopka Florida

To minimize the stress of completing a home renovation project, be sure to properly plan and budget for your project. Select good quality materials and designs with universal appeal. Most importantly, select a qualified and reputable contractor to complete the work for you. With proper planning and execution, your renovation will improve your home's value and remain in good use for many years to come.  


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