5 Quick Ways to Make Your Home Look Like New

You don't need to spend a ton of money or go through an extensive renovation to make your home look like new. There are some minor and subtle changes that can make a big impact. Here are 5 quick ways to make your home look like new.

1. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

It's amazing what paint can do! Changing a color can completely transform a room. Think about what you're looking to accomplish and research colors that help you achieve that goal. For a calming effect, go with shades of blue. To make a room feel larger, go with light and bright colors. To add some drama, consider an accent wall, stripes, or other paint effect. There's is so much that you can do with just paint alone,... so be open minded and creative!

2. Clean, Clean, Clean

Cleaning is another approach that can do wonders. Cleaning your windows can bring in more sunlights and make a home shine. A power wash for your siding can make it look lighter and more modern. Stone walkways can also be power washed to give them new life. Even carpeting can be made to look like new with a good washing. Spend some time to clean difficult surfaces and you'll make your home look like new.

3. Change Accents

If your home feels old and dated, could it be because of your decor? You may not need a new house, but just new furnishings. Consider switching out curtains and other textiles for modern alternatives. This transformation will make your whole house feel more updated.  

4. Rearrange Furniture

Moving furniture can often change how a room or entire house feels. When you have too much furniture in a room, it can feel small and cluttered. Sometimes the types of furniture in place can also make a difference. Moving different pieces around can alter the feel or utility of a space. 

More on Ways to Make Your Home Look Like New

It's not too late to tackle some of these projects this summer. You don't have to spend a lot of money to make each of them work for you. Peek through magazines and websites for color, decor, and layout inspiration for each room in your house. You can have fun while transforming your home into a better version of itself!

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