5 Things That Scare Away Home Buyers in Florida

Buyers make quick judgements when it comes to your home. Sometimes a seemingly minor thing can be a major red flag for buyers. It's important to address things that scare away home buyers before you start showing your home for sale.

Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leaks are a concern for most home buyers because it involves a major system. It can be something as minor as a small drip under the bathroom sink. Buyers imagine that if you haven't addressed that leak, you probably haven't taken care of any others. Furthermore, they imagine worse problems in the overall plumbing of the home. Address leaks and repair any damages before listing your home for sale.

Excessive Locks or Security Systems

There's nothing that says "danger" more than an excessive number of locks or unusually strict security measures in and around your home. When buyers see that, they assume the neighborhood is bad or that you've experienced break-ins. Even if this may be true, it's not something that you want to highlight when selling your home.

Strong Smells

We all can probably agree that strong smells are never really pleasing. Sometimes homeowners will spray air freshener to give the home a nice scent, but too much of that can be unpleasant for buyers visiting your home. They may even think that you are trying to hide some other odor. Bad odors illicit a negative emotion. In certain spaces, buyers will worry whether it's related to mold or another major issue. No matter how you look at it, strong smells are viewed negatively. So, avoid strong air fresheners and work to eliminate other types of odors in your home.

DIY Repairs

Not all repairs are created equal! When it's obvious that a repair was not done properly, this could scare away potential buyers. If you choose to complete repairs on your own, make sure you follow proper procedures for good results. If you don't have the skillset or time to do so, it may be best to rely on experts to assist you. 

Signs of Water Damage

Given the major storms that covered the entire state of Florida, buyers worry about the extent and impact of any water damage. It's one of the major things that scare away home buyers in Florida. If your home still shows signs of damage, they would be concerned that extensive issues remain. Most would not want to inherit that problem. It's best to address all water damages before buyers visit your home.

More Things that Scare Away Home Buyers in Florida

The above are just a few examples of things that scare away home buyers in Florida. Consider using a real estate agent to assist with your home sale and to provide you with additional advice and guidance on preparing your home for sale. When it comes to your own home, you may not notice things that immediately catch a buyer's attention. Your agent can offer an objective opinion and critical advice. Contact our team today for additional information and guidance on selling your Florida home.

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