Apopka Florida Homeownership Expenses and Budgeting

A common challenge for first time home buyers is properly budgeting. Owning a home is much different than renting and most don’t know what they don’t know. If you’re in the market for your very first home, here are some tips on Apopka Florida homeownership expenses and budgeting to keep in mind.

Fixed Apopka Florida Homeownership Expenses

Fixed expenses are naturally the easiest to budget for. The most common fixed home ownership expenses are mortgage principal, mortgage interest, and mortgage insurance (also known as PMI). For fixed rate loans, these amounts remain the same for the life of the loan, even if the loan gets transferred from one lender to another.

During the home shopping phase, your lender can provide an estimate of these expenses. Calculations are based on the mortgage amount and interest rate. Therefore, the final amount will not be known until you have found a property to purchase.

Variable Home Expenses

Some home expenses are known, but can be subject to change in the future. Below are a few examples. These fees are generally subject to review and change yearly.

  • Property Taxes
  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Condo Fees
  • Association/Maintenance Fees

Utilities are another set of variable expenses. As a renter, you may be accustomed to paying electricity, heat, cable, phone, and internet fees. With home ownership, you are also responsible for water and sewer expenses.

Unpredictable Home Expenses

Now comes the difficult category for budgeting,.. the dreaded unpredictable Apopka Florida homeownership expenses. As a home owner, it is important to set aside funds for issues that may arise. Whether old or new, every home will encounter these at some point. Some repairs may be minor, such as a broken doorknob or light fixture. Others could be much more expensive, such as plumbing leaks, electrical issues, roof repairs, or HVAC problems. Having money set aside will reduce the potential financial hardship of unpredictable home expenses.

Smart Budgeting

Buying your first home is a huge milestone and an exciting time in your life. It’s important to take a realistic approach to budgeting for fixed, variable, and unpredictable home ownership expenses. Although home ownership expenses may be a little bit more complex than what you encountered as a renter, it will pay off in the form of building home equity over time and experiencing the everyday joys of home ownership. For guidance with your first-time home buying venture, contact our team today! 

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