Florida Spring Home Care Tasks

While the seasonal transition in Florida may be different from other parts of the country, there are still some specific projects that should be part of your spring home care routine. A warm weather climate presents its own set of maintenance needs. Having a seasonal checklist is a great way to keep on top of those demands. Think of these Florida spring home care tasks as a preventative guide to an energy-efficient, safe, and service-free summer season.

Give me some air!

Now is a great time to think about your air conditioning and HVAC system. Let’s start with air filters. Changing your HVAC air filter not only saves energy, but also ensures healthy indoor air quality by cycling fresh air and filtering out dust particles and other pollutants.

It’s also the ideal time to schedule an A/C maintenance check. Setting up an appointment with your technician will ensure that your system is functioning properly and ready to handle the extra workload as the season starts heating up.

Don’t Be a Pest

Start your pest prevention plan in spring before it’s too late! Here are several things you can do at home to stave off a visit from pest control. Begin by clearing any debris around the exterior walls of your home. Remove any moist wood or mulch that could be an inviting spot for bugs to call home.

Make sure to trim your shrubs and trees as well. Thick shrubs can create wet conditions that attract various insects (including mosquitos) – and long branches enable squirrels and ants easy access to your roof where they can infiltrate your attic.

Don’t forget to clean those gutters! Wet leaves and debris clogging your gutters act as an open invitation for pests to settle in – not to mention cause drainage issues.

Fire Away

Take some time to address any potential fire hazards that exist in and around your home. Clear dryer vents, check to see if any appliance cords are frayed, and test your smoke detectors. If need be, replace the batteries and test again.

Fill in the Cracks

Assess your walkways and driveway for any cracks that may have appeared over the winter months. Spring is a great time to seal up those cracks with filler or caulk before the summer heat and humidity sets in.

Summary of Florida Spring Home Care Tasks

Taking the time now to check these Florida spring home care tasks off your list will help you stay safe, breathe easy, and address any potential problems before they turn into unexpected and costly repairs.

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