Holiday Home Safety Tips

The holidays are a fun and festive time of year. There's so much going on, that it's easy to forget about home safety. We've compiled a short list of important holiday home safety tips to help you and your family enjoy an incident-free holiday season. 

Holiday Decor Safety Hazards

During the winter months, there are many potential fire hazards. Your Christmas tree and lighting are two important ones and are among the most important holiday home safety tips.

When it comes to your tree, keep it properly watered and positioned away from heat sources such as candles, fireplaces, and portable heaters. For lighting on your tree and in other areas of your home, be sure to use modern alternatives that have been safety tested (i.e. contains the UL symbol). Also, do not use any lights that are old or damaged. Lastly, plug lighting into proper outlets. Outdoor lights should use GFCI protected outlets. 

Minimizing Package Theft

Every year, there's news of packages being stolen from people's doorsteps. With so much shopping taking place online nowadays, this increases the potential for theft. To protect your packages, there are a few things that you can do. First, many delivery companies offer online accounts and the ability to customize your delivery schedule. Request dates and times where you plan to be home. You can also have packages held at the local distribution center for pickup. If your employer allows it, you may choose to have your items shipped to your workplace instead of your home address. By minimizing the number of packages left unattended at your doorstep, you can avoid package theft.

Avoid Attracting Burglars

Thieves not only target pre-holiday packages, but also homes that may have valuable new additions after the holidays. So, the third of our holiday home safety tips involves disposing of holiday packaging (i.e. boxes for flat screen TVs, gaming systems, and other expensive items). Think about your trash and what information you are publicizing. The boxes placed on your curbside tell would-be burglars exactly what they can find in your home. Consider cutting up boxes into smaller segments and placing the wording inward, so it's not obvious to anyone driving by your home.

Travel & Social Media

If you plan on traveling during the holidays, your empty home may be the safety issue. First and foremost, try not to braodcast your trip on social media. Consider sharing photos after your return. Secondly, ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your home and alert you of any unusual activity. As safe as your neighborhood may be, do not leave doors or windows unlocked or keys hidden in obvious places. The more conscientious you are about home safety, the safer your home will be!

Summary of Holiday Home Safety Tips

The holidays are a time of family, joy and giving. A burglary, fire, or other safety incident could really ruin what is otherwise a wonderful time of year. Protect your home and your family by keeping the above holiday home safety tips in mind.

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