Home Buyer Etiquette at Apopka FL Property Showings

Real estate etiquette is something that we often don’t think about but really should. With the busy Spring and Summer home buying season approaching, being considerate of sellers and their properties can often go a long way in facilitating good relationships. So, keep the following home buyer etiquette at Apopka FL property showings in mind.

Taking Photos

With technology and social media so integrated in our lives, many home buyers like to take photos at Apopka FL property showings. However, it’s important to get permission from a seller before doing so. Although rare, some sellers may not want unauthorized photos of their home. For example, sellers with young children may intentionally exclude those bedroom photos from online listings to protect against would-be predators. Another example is a seller with valuable belongings such as collectibles. Posting of such photos may result in thieves targeting their home. Whatever a seller’s reasons may be, they have every right to deny or approve requests for photos, so it’s important to check first and comply with their wishes.

Wearing Shoes in the House

Sellers requesting that visitors take off their shoes is much more common nowadays.  Some make it less inconvenient by providing booties to place over shoes. Even when a seller does not make a specific request, it’s important to be conscious of wearing shoes in a home when dealing with wet weather conditions. First and foremost, view the interior of the home before exploring the yard. Secondly, if your shoes are muddy, be considerate and take them off for the showing. This is proper home buyer etiquette.

Using Bathroom Facilities

This one is always an uncomfortable topic. Is it okay to use the bathroom during a showing? Obviously, when you have-to-go, you have-to-go! Sellers understand this. As part of home buyer etiquette, avoid using bathrooms that are connected to bedrooms. These are normally private bathrooms. Instead, look for a half bathroom on the main floor or a bathroom located in a main hallway. These are more often used as guest baths. Secondly, be sure to clean up after yourself. If you have children using the bathroom, check it after they are done.

More on Home Buyer Etiquette at Apopka FL Property Showings

Ultimately, home buyer etiquette is simply about being a good guest in someone’s home. Sellers have enough anxiety about strangers touring their home while they are not present. Returning to a mess from dirty shoes, surprises in a bathroom, or other unexpected situation is never pleasant. It can also impact how a seller may view any offers that you may submit. So, extend a little extra consideration while you are touring homes this Spring. After all, someday you will be selling and will hope to receive the same level of consideration from your potential home buyers. 

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