Keep Your Smart Home Safe from Hackers


Homes are getting smarter as tech gadgets get more affordable. Many of the latest gadgets help improve home safety, but it can expose homeowners to a different type of danger,.. hackers. It’s important to know how you can keep your smart home safe from hackers.

Protect Your Network


Since most in-home tech gadgets use. Wi-fi to connect, it’s critical that you secure your network. There are two specific things that you should do here. First, add a password to your Wi-fi settings. This prevents anyone from simply connecting to it without knowing your password. Secondly, don’t broadcast your network name. What does this mean? If you open up the Wi-fi settings on any device, you will see a list of all Wi-fi networks in range. By not broadcasting, your network won’t appear on this list. Thus, the only way someone could connect to your network would be to know the name ahead of time and search for it.

Use Secure Passwords

Random passwords can be a pain, but they truly are the best way to protect your home. Don’t use “password123” and other obvious variations. Also, don’t use full words as those can be easy to hack as well. Using a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters is the best way to create strong passwords.

Secure Devices

In addition to protecting your in-home network, it’s equally important to protect the devices that connect to that network. Most smart home devices work off an app. If the devices that contain those apps are compromised, then hackers can still access those gadgets. Thus, to keep your smart home safe from hackers, be sure to protect your devices with a password, firewall, and anti-virus software. Hackers can access devices physically and electronically!

Be Smart and Safe

If you’re going to have a smart home, you must also be a smart homeowner. Protect your network, devices, and any other connections between you, your personal devices, and your smart home gadgets. This way, you can benefit from the many safety and convenience features of a smart home while minimizing the potential risks.

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