Open House Mistakes to Avoid for Sellers in Apopka FL

Conducting your first open house is an extremely important milestone in the home selling process. Potential home buyers in Apopka FL often visit open houses, so it is an opportunity to give a good first impression to a large number of buyers. To improve your chances of a quick sale, here are a few open house mistakes to avoid.

1. Remaining at the Open House

As much as you would love to see the types of buyers that visit your open house and what their impressions are, it is never a good idea to remain home. This is one of the most common open house mistakes. Your presence can be a distraction for buyers. Additionally, buyers may be less honest about their feedback, for fear of offending you. Your real estate agent will be present at the open house, so it's best to leave him/her to handle matters for you. 

2. Leaving Pets Behind

Just as you may be a distraction to potential buyers, the same goes for pets. Your dog may start barking in the presence of visitors, which can be a nuisance for visitors. Additionally, some potential buyers may be scared of pets. It's best to avoid this situation by removing your pet from the home during the open house (and showings in general). 

3. Having Too Many Scents

Scents are an interesting thing. Then can evoke different emotions,... some good and some bad. It is therefore important to pay attention to scents. Eliminate any negative odors in your home. Likewise, it's important not to go crazy with air freshners and artificial scents. That can often be viewed as an attempt to mask a problem in your home. Instead, focus on some natural scents with mass appeal, such as fresh cut flowers or baked cookies. 

4. Ignoring Obvious Repairs

One of the most prevalent open house mistakes to avoid for sellers in Apopka FL is forgetting to complete repairs. If potential home buyers come across obvious issues in your home, it will leave a negative impression. Buyers typically believe that if you didn't address obvious repairs before marketing a home, you probably haven't completed critical repairs during the years that you've owned it.

Other Open House Mistakes to Avoid for Sellers in Apopka FL

You want your home to shine during an open house. Buyers should pay attention to the best features of your home without being distracted or subjected to negative stimuli. Luckily, as a home seller, you can control much of this. Avoid the above open house mistakes and heed the advice of your real estate agent when it comes to other items within your home. You will be rewarded with a quicker sale and higher selling price!


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