Preparing Your Apopka Florida Home for Showings

When it comes to selling your home, it's all about presentation. You want buyers to focus on the desirable features of your home and avoid any unwanted distractions. Proper presentation can lead to more interested buyers, a quicker sale, and a higher selling price. With that goal in mind, here are some tips on preparing your Apopka Florida home for showings.

Stage Your Home

The most important step in preparing your Apopka Florida home for showings is to stage it. This includes neutralizing the decor, putting away family photos, taking down political or religious statements, and moving around furniture. Read more about each of these in our Home Staging Tips blog post. By staging, you can maximize space and highlight different features within your home. You can influence whether a room feel cozy or spacious, dark or bright, dated or modern, etc. You can alter the flow and overall feel of your home,...making it more desirable for potential buyers.

Empty the Trash

Immediately before any showings, empty all of the trash bins in the house. This includes the kitchen, bathrooms, and any other spaces. Visible trash makes your home feel lived in,... and it makes visitors feel like they're invading your personal space. By removing trash, the home is a bit more presentable and shows more like a model home than someone's private space.

Neutralize Odors

Scents can evoke different emotions for different people. It's a somewhat delicate but important topic. Imagine you step into a home and catch a very strong odor of pet urine. What will your impression be of that home? Will you think it's dirty? Will you fear that it has soaked into floorboards or drywall? Even if you don't have those specific thoughts, will your thoughts about the overall home be somewhat more negative as a result of experiencing a foul smell? The answer is probably "yes" to one or more of these questions.

At the very least, strong odors will distract buyers from the more pleasant aspects of your home. Therefore, it's extremely important that you eliminate any odors. However, be sure NOT to simply add a strong scent on top of it. Strong scents of any type (even artificial scents) can negatively impact potential buyers and their impression of your home. Your goal should be to remove the scent rather than cover it up. If you intend to add any type of scent, focus on natural ones such as fresh flowers or fresh baked cookies.

Hide Valuables

Don't forget to hide valuables when preparing your Apopka Florida home for showings. Although a real estate agent may be present during showings, it's not always possible to keep a close eye on buyers. This is particularly true during open houses, where you may have a crowd of buyers visiting at once. Hide or even remove from the property any small but valuable items. Examples are jewelry, computer equipment, electronics, collectibles, toys, and designer clothing/shoes/handbags. 

Make Visitors Feel Welcome

Before stepping out of your home for showings, think about how else you can make buyers feel welcome in your home. If it's a hot day, perhaps you should leave out some bottled water with a note. Cookies and other simple treats are also a popular offering. Doing something like this can also make buyers think positively of you as a seller, which can help later during negotiations. 

Other Ways of Preparing Your Apopka Florida Home for Showings

These are just a few helpful tips on preparing your Apopka Florida home for showings. Discuss additional ideas with your real estate agent. Your agent will have experience working with buyers in this market and will know what else might make your home more appealing to them. Your agent is the best resource for marketing your home for sale in the current real estate environment!

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