Strong Florida Housing Market Predicted for 2018 recently published a list of 10 states predicted to have strong housing markets in 2018. Florida was #3 on that list. This is encouraging news for those who weren't quite sure what to expect in Florida. For those who live and work in the state, this news is no surprise. Florida has always been a strong real estate market. Here's a look at some of the main reasons why the Florida housing market remains strong.

Warm Weather

With most of the country experiencing frigid temperatures this winter, there is great appeal to warmer climates. When you think of warm regions of the US, Florida is one of the first states that come to mind. It’s hot in the summer and mild in the winter.

Oceanside Living

Those who love warm weather also love to be near the water. The peninsula-shape of Florida means there’s plenty of ocean-side communities to choose from. Even those inland can easily access the coast. It’s no wonder that the Florida housing market attracts home buyers year round.

Active Lifestyles

In addition to the warm weather and ocean-side living, Florida is abundant with recreational activities for people of all ages. From beaches to nightlife, theme parks, and a wide range of outdoor activities, there’s so much to see and do in Florida.

Investment Opportunity

The vacation market in Florida is strong. This isn’t just great for hotels and other businesses catering to the vacation market, but also for the local real estate markets. Florida is a popular vacation destination for families, and families often prefer to stay in residential homes rather than hotel rooms. Single family home rentals are always in demand.

This demand helps to keep home prices strong all around. Some folks purchase a home in Florida to live in year-round, others stay there seasonally, and others purchase strictly for short-term rental income. The multiple sources of demand are great for maintaining a strong Florida housing market.

More on the Florida Housing Market

If Florida sounds like an appealing destination for your next home purchase, contact us to learn more. Our team members work in various Florida housing markets and can provide you with valuable insight on what different communities have to offer. We can help you select one that best fits the needs of you and your family. Contact us today for assistance.

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