Things to Remove From Your Home Before Selling

As you prepare to sell your home, you may want to consider removing some items completely before allowing showings?

Valuables & Antiques

As your home is being shown to prospective buyers, it's unlikely that someone will keep a close eye on them every moment they are in your home. Open houses often attract multiple buyers at a given time. Your agent won't be able to tend to them all simultaneously. Furthermore, buyers may schedule private viewings with their own agents. It's best to remove highly valuable items from your home that can be easily damaged or stolen. This includes antiques, jewelry, and small electronics.

Political & Religious Items

Politics and religion can play an unwanted role in your home sale. Sure, sometimes it can have a positive impact if you and a buyer share common beliefs. However, it can also have a very negative impact when you don't. Selling your home should be about just your home,... not what political party you belong to or religion you practice. It's best to remove that factor entirely from the home buying process. Thus, they are one of the many things to remove from your home before selling.

Fixtures Not Included with the Sale

If there are any fixtures that you plan to take with you rather than including in the sale of your home, replace them ahead of time. This eliminates any confusion or disputes at the closing table. Disclosing that certain items are excluded doesn't always work as buyers may simply miss that disclosure. By removing or replacing those items in advance, you prevent the problem from occurring.

Scary or Unusual Furnishings

Another of the things to remove from your home before selling are any furnishings that may be scary or will elicit a negative reaction. Some examples are:

  • Stuffed Animals (Taxidermy)
  • Preserved Body Parts (i.e. for Bio Research)
  • Illicit Toys or Posters
  • Drug Paraphernalia
  • Weapons

Things to Remove From Your Home Before Selling

Removing certain belongings from your home before selling can help protect them and/or prevent them from having a negative impact on your home sale. If you are not sure what you should keep or remove, consult with a member of our Apopka, Florida real estate team. We can take a look at your home, give you a sense of what it's worth, and recommend what to remove, relocate, or keep. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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