Why Florida Builders Construct Large Floorplans Instead of More Affordable Homes

If you’ve searched for new construction homes in Florida, you’ve probably noticed a trend. Most new construction feature 4-5 bedrooms and are at higher price points. You’ve probably wondered why Florida builders construct large floorplans instead of more affordable homes. Here are a few possible reasons why.

Builder Preferences

Builders may simply prefer to build larger homes. It gives them an opportunity to select from more layout/configuration options. Larger homes are also typically at higher price points, which may provide the opportunity to include unique features and upgrades. These types of properties can become ideal showcases for builders’ portfolios, demonstrating their craftsmanship and design abilities.

Maximizing Space

With limited lots available for building, it makes sense that builders may want to maximize the use of each lot. Why build a 2-bedroom home when the same lot can be used for a 4 or 5-bedroom house? Unless there is a specific upside to building smaller homes, it understandable that larger homes simply make more sense for new construction.

More Demand for Larger Homes

There may be reasonable demand for larger homes in the Apopka (and Greater Orlando) area. 4 to 5 bedroom homes accommodate families with several children or smaller families wanting extra guest rooms or office space. There is more flexibility for how rooms are used when there are more rooms to begin with.

Another factor is the vacation rental market. Florida has a strong vacation rental market for single family homes.  People from all over the country escape to the warm weather in Florida year-round. Vacationing families and groups typically prefer larger homes. Therefore, home buyers who wish to use a property as a vacation rental either now or sometime in the future will lean towards larger homes for purchase.

Summary of Why Florida Builders Construct Large Floorplans

When you consider the benefits of building larger homes, it makes perfect sense why Florida builders construct large floorplans as opposed to smaller ones. Larger homes have more variability in layout and allow them to showcase different amenities and design elements. They also maximize the use of lots available for building, thus leading to higher profits. Furthermore, there seems to be decent demand for large homes, perhaps because of the rental opportunities they afford.

Unfortunately, all of these factors make it difficult for homebuyers looking for affordable new construction alternatives in Florida. The fact is, there is always a demand for affordable homes. However, until the demand for and benefits of building larger homes declines, we may not see a shift in the types of new construction homes being built.

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