Why Florida is a Great Place to Retire

What is it about Florida? Why do so many people retire here instead of choosing a different location? There are plenty of other places that offer year-round warm weather – what makes Florida so popular? It has to be more than just the climate, right? But what exactly is ‘it’? If you’ve been wondering why this destination is a favorite, let us give you a rundown of why Florida is a great place to retire. And yes…

It Starts with the Weather

There’s no denying the appeal of warm weather year-round – especially to retirees. Gone are worries about shoveling, snow blowers, paying for plowing, or slipping on ice. Let’s not forget how nice it is to be able to get outside every day – especially to someone who no longer works. Days can be filled with walks on the beach, a round of golf, tennis games, afternoons at the pool, al fresco dining…the possibilities are endless when the weather is warm. There’s no denying the attractiveness of temperate temps and the ability to spend time outside all year long. However, the climate is just one of the selling features.

Cost of Living 

What sets Florida apart from many other warm weather climates is the low cost of living. Florida is much more affordable than places like Hawaii, California, or Arizona – and real estate prices are fairly low in comparison. Combine that with low taxes (no state tax, income tax, or inheritance tax) and you can see how the cost of living makes a huge difference for those weighing their retirement options. The added bonus is,… affordable healthcare. This is yet another reason that Florida tops the list.

Recreational Options

Add the warm climate and low cost of living with a multitude of recreational options and you can see why Florida is a great place to retire. The beaches are just the beginning! Boating, fishing, paddle boarding, surfing, seashell searching – you name it – Florida has it. Do you prefer pools to waves? No problem. Tennis anyone? You can’t swing a racket without being close to a court. Need we forget that Florida is a mecca for golfers - boasting some of the best-designed courses in the country! And if you’re a fan of amusement or entertainment parks – this is the place to be! 

Community Choices

Yet another reason Florida ranks high among retirees is the abundance of types of living communities – especially adult-only options. Whether it’s a 55+ in a gated community, on a golf course, or along the beach – there is something for everyone. 

Summary of Why Florida is a Great Place to Retire 

So, there you have ‘it’ – just a few of the compelling reasons why Florida is a great place to retire. It’s definitely more than just the warm weather that attracts so many retirees to the Sunshine State! Let us know if you have anything to add to the list!

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