Why Seller Impressions Matter in Florida Multiple Offer Scenarios

As competition grows for desirable homes in Florida, home buyers must take a different approach to how they interact with sellers and submit offers. Sellers are beginning to review more than what appears on paper. Here's a look at why seller impressions matter in Florida multiple offer scenarios.

Differentiating Factors

Sometimes one offer stands out from the rest and makes a seller's decision easy. However, that's not always the case. Many times, competing offers will be pretty close in price and other terms. What happens in this case? Sellers will start considering other factors.

One possible factor is a buyer's personality and temperament. Why does this matter? Selecting a buyer who is easy going and not nit-picky can make selling a home less stressful and can improve the chances of a deal going through. Additionally, most sellers have an emotional connection to their home. Many find comfort in positive impressions of who may be the next owners of their home.

Where Seller Impressions Come From

You may be wondering how Florida home sellers get their impressions of potential buyers when they often don't interact directly with them. Although buyers and sellers may not meet in person or even speak to each other before closing, the offer and any accompanying information can offer insights.

For example, a buyer who requests a seller's personal belongings (such as furniture) may come across as more demanding that buyers with straight forward offers. Likewise, a buyer who demands that certain items be included in a sale when a seller specifically disclosed them as excluded would not make a very good impression. The types of questions asked by a buyer can also contribute to seller impressions. 

Why Seller Impressions Matter in Florida Multiple Offer Scenarios

In a seller's market, buyers need to find ways to get their offer accepted. Although most strategies focus on offer terms, buyers should look beyond that. So much of home buying and home selling is based on emotions. Ignoring that factor and the types of impressions you make could be a mistake. When buyers and sellers make good impressions and treat each other with respect and consideration, it not only minimizes stress but also increases the likelihood that both parties will be accommodating when issues arise. 

At Arrowsmith Realty, we understand the many different aspects of buying and selling a home, particularly when it comes to Florida multiple offer scenarios. We know that real estate transactions are about more than paperwork. It's about people's lives and futures. Let us help guide you through the process and ensure that you are making the right impressions and decisions. Contact us today to get started!

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